Xur Agent of the Nine; Where is he!

DGwvO-2VwAAm3wUEvery body knows that Xur hates to stay in any one spot longer than a couple of day’s, in fact it’s impossible for him.  And over the last couple of years there has been a total of 7 different locations where he could be;  that is about to change….. BIG TIME!!!!!!!!

It has just become known, as shown below, that Xur will now be found in the Patrolling areas in the European Dead Zone, Io, Titan or even Nessus.  This is great news as I know many of you have been wanting this for a long time now, most commonly WATCHER78, well Bungie have finally listened.  So instead of walking around a half empty Tower/Reef you can now get down and dirty in Patrol and hunt this guy down for some sweet loot.


This is really great for those of you that like to explore, however in the beginning it may be like finding a needle in a hay stack.  Also rumours have it that there are no more Strange Coins in D2, instead there is something called Legendary Shards which if correct is the new currency to trade with Xur.

To sum up, if your not planning on patrolling at the start of the game then this guy will definitely get you in the mood.  My advice is grind like a dog and may be he’ll reward you with something AWESOME!

Stayed tuned, Xur’s locations coming soon.

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